Modern Dads

The fourth episode of Modern Dads aired last night and it’s now officially a “real thing,” whatever that means. It’s been at once exhilarating and also sort of reassuring, because life is pretty much exactly the same. All the unknowns were driving me nuts, but I should have just relaxed and not sweated because everything is very, almost weirdly, normal. Sean’s back on the road doing standup on weekends, I’m working on my art, the kids are in school and love their new teachers, the dogs and chickens and pig are all glad the Texas summer heat is finally abating.

Once in a while someone in the grocery store will do a double take when I walk by with the kids, but that’s about as far as our newfound fame extends. That’s just fine with me, because really what I was hoping for from this experience was new opportunities for Sean to showcase his talent, not to receive attention from random strangers.

As for how we’ve been portrayed, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how true the show has been to who we all are as families. No trick editing to make us seem crazy or inject drama. In fact the part I love best about the show is that the editors chose to show Sean and I as we really are – totally in love, goofy as hell, and happy. That bit they shot of our family with the hula hoops practically makes me cry every time it comes on, it’s so perfectly US!

I’m no expert in TV land and I wouldn’t dare to hazard a guess whether we’ll be renewed or not, but of course we’re hoping to hear good news in the near future about a second season. Cross fingers!