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Whale animation just for giggles

Just for fun here’s the whale animation I did around the same time as the little Joopsy running one. I have actually seen whales do this in real life right in front of me so this was a lot of fun to draw. I procrastinate cleaning out my computers but then I run across fun […]


Joopsy Animation

I posted a while back a few images from a sketch series I did for a short animation, where I used my daughter Joopsy as my model. I believe at the time I did those drawings she was four years old (she’s seven now). Well, while cleaning out my laptop files I just ran across […]


Animated Joopsy

Studies for a little animation I’m working on of a child running with a ball – used Joopsy as a model and it’s making me teary-eyed drawing her tender little body. She reminds me of old-timey illustrations in children’s books from the twenties, the curve of her neck and the way her hair frames her […]