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The Most Important Job

As an artist, my life is dedicated to creating. I always have been driven to create, in large part I think because the things I make are my way of communicating with myself, other people, and other. Bathing in the elusive, clear, cold river of inspiration is a humbling and wonderful feeling, and is the […]


My General Store

Just had this random idea for a decade-or-lifetime-long art project Here’s what it rolled out like in my mind: Open a store, virtual or otherwise. Doesn’t matter so long as it exists. Call it “My General Store.” Stock it entirely with items that I use in the context of my daily life. That’s what the […]


The Gift Project – First One.

When I was first invited to go to Australia by GoMighty, they asked me “what will be your goals there?” The first thing that came to mind was ocean. Vast, open ocean with an island nation in the center – I imagined Australia as this moving, surging ship that would show me new things. I […]


Opera House

I wrote this little poem while sketching the Sydney Opera House for my gift project in Australia. ______ walk by the Harbour and watch sails, adrift catching the sind, so one behind the other three, and then four curved in foam cream of the sea shells from a fickle clam agape to reveal their  glistening […]


Air New Zealand is an Excellent Therapist

Sadly, the very first thing that sprang to mind when I found out I was going to Australia wasn’t “HOLY cow I get to see a live koala for the first time ever!” or “I am going to see the Sydney Opera House in PERSON!” It was “Oh no. How am I going to handle […]


The Importance of New

As I swim through this deliciously soupy jetlag and reflect upon what I experienced in Australia this past week, I have been stumped as to how to begin to describe this epic journey. Even thinking about one day of the trip is a daunting task, as each was so full of new things. So, I […]


Poem in a Bottle

One of the first goals that came to mind for my upcoming #GoAustralia trip for Go Mighty  was to send a message in a bottle. The currents off the Eastern coast of Australia near Sydney are perfect for tossing a bottle into the ocean and having it actually end up on another continent – and […]

Stupid, stupid deer.

Bambi Tried to Murder Me and Ruin My Trip to Australia.

Bambi, or his son, or his grandson, or his great-great-great-grandson or whoever the bleep that stupid deer was, tried to ruin my trip to Australia. He came at me, with murder in his eyes, determined to stop me at all costs while I was driving 40 miles per hour in rush hour traffic on a […]


Joopsy Animation

I posted a while back a few images from a sketch series I did for a short animation, where I used my daughter Joopsy as my model. I believe at the time I did those drawings she was four years old (she’s seven now). Well, while cleaning out my laptop files I just ran across […]


I’m getting married, eventually!

When Sean and I first met, my world was suddenly different. I can still see the placement of the road cones and the smell of the hot fresh asphalt that workers were laying near the hotel where I first met him. You know when people say it’s like being struck by lightning when you meet “the one?” […]