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First Night at AAHC

I went! I did it! I MET PEOPLE! The Artist’s Alliance of the Hill Country folks were so welcoming and warm, I was once again reminded of why I love Texas. As I drove to the barn where everybody was meeting, I thought again about why I had resisted doing this for so long. I […]


Exiting the Cave

  Since I moved to Austin I have not reached out much to other artists. Much? Try AT ALL. I never did in the more than 20 years I lived in Seattle, either. Or LA. I worked alone and sought opportunities on my own. I know in the intelligent, fast-thinking part of my mind that […]


Beat It!

This is me, dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” in 1985 with other kids from my 5th grade class. I’m the lead “girl gang” dancer! My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Cherry, was by far the coolest teacher in the school and was also a huge mentor to me during that time. She showed me by […]


Modern Dads

The fourth episode of Modern Dads aired last night and it’s now officially a “real thing,” whatever that means. It’s been at once exhilarating and also sort of reassuring, because life is pretty much exactly the same. All the unknowns were driving me nuts, but I should have just relaxed and not sweated because everything is very, […]


Oh, Lucy

My lovely and talented almost-sister Fedora el Morro shot this photograph of my dog Lucy when she was visiting. I laughed and laughed; it’s so very Lucy.

Arwen and Joopsy dancing, 2008

My Daughters, Dancing

My ex-husband glowered at me just over three years ago, “walk out that door and you’re not coming back” and without hesitation I spun on my heels and did just that, with my two little girls in tow. After camping out at a friend’s, we moved into a borrowed home which would be our healing […]


The Earring

I had the pleasure and honor to be present with one of my best friends for the labor and birth of her first (and likely only) daughter. During those four long 24-hour days, in between dramatic moments we talked and connected. We sat quietly together and apart, held hands and rubbed feet and simply WERE […]


Best Gift

Sean bought me a beautiful first edition copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for my birthday this year. When I opened it to the first page and read this, it bought tears to my eyes. I just love to turn it over in my hands and breathe in the library scent. One of my favorite […]