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Opera House

I wrote this little poem while sketching the Sydney Opera House for my gift project in Australia. ______ walk by the Harbour and watch sails, adrift catching the sind, so one behind the other three, and then four curved in foam cream of the sea shells from a fickle clam agape to reveal their  glistening […]


Poem in a Bottle

One of the first goals that came to mind for my upcoming #GoAustralia trip for Go Mighty  was to send a message in a bottle. The currents off the Eastern coast of Australia near Sydney are perfect for tossing a bottle into the ocean and having it actually end up on another continent – and […]


Best Gift

Sean bought me a beautiful first edition copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for my birthday this year. When I opened it to the first page and read this, it bought tears to my eyes. I just love to turn it over in my hands and breathe in the library scent. One of my favorite […]