Comic Con Austin

Sean and I had told the kids almost a year ago, “next time Comic Con comes to Austin, we’re going!”

Well, it came. When we saw that is was $40 per person to get in, we almost bailed – but a promise is a promise, and kids are free. I lucked out and borrowed a costume from Arwen’s friend’s mom who even has the same shoe size as me (!) – when I mentioned we were going and that I needed to figure out a costume, she pulled out her Leia outfit from two Halloweens ago and pushed it on me. Score!

Arwen and Joopsy wanted to be Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, and of course there’s nothing ready-made at Target for those. So, I made a cloak for Arwen and tried to make Starfire’s notoriously sexy outfit a bit more age-appropriate for little 7 year old Joopsy. They were stoked.

Sean, having intended to go all out, was fresh off the road and out of energy. He went as an exhausted Peter Parker, with my camera slung around his neck and a Spiderman mask dangling from his back pocket. We were set!

I had never been to Comic Con before and was excited. Any chance to get dressed up and pretend you’re a super hero is a good day in my book, especially if you’re doing it with your family! Even before we got into the convention hall, we were asked for photos. Or at least I was. I had anticipated that Leia would be all over the place, as it’s a pretty easy costume to get your hands on – but no, I was the only one there! So I proved to be popular throughout the day. I’ve never felt more famous! It had never occurred to me that the appeal of dressing up like a famous character is that people actually TREAT you like that character. By the end of the day answering to “Hey, Leia!” was easier than “Hey, Rachel!”

I have to say, the highlight was running into my dear old Dad. It was an emotional reunion, and brought up a lot of memories and mixed feelings, but it was great seeing him. He seems to be doing well. See the photos here:


All day we took pictures, posed for other people’s pictures, browsed around all the cool tables full of comic books and art and asked questions. The girls learned a lot about what it takes to be a comic book artist, and were inspired to work on more of their character illustration.

One of the highlights of the day was the kids costume “contest” – there was no clear winner, and all the kids got to pose on the stage and choose a prize. There were kids dressed as every character imaginable, it was so awesome. I ate it up.

All in all, a fun and creative day. Great fun for anybody, with kids or without.

I can’t wait for next year. COMIC CON ROCKS!