Custom Paintings & Commissions

As an artist who is focused on capturing the feelings and emotions of physical locations, I often receive requests to produce commissioned paintings. It is always an honor to be trusted to paint a location that holds deep meaning for somebody. Creating custom work is always a unique experience, and the process is rewarding and exciting both for both of us.

I approach every commissioned painting as a collaboration. I listen closely during our conversations to understand what is important about the subject I am painting, and how to incorporate the emotions and memories into the composition.

I travel to locations, and work from photographs provided to me, but the location does not necessarily have to be readily accessible. Some locations exist only in memories, and I can work from what you remember and have available to recreate the place. The goal is ultimately to capture the feeling that special place evokes, whether it was the farm where you grew up or the cafe where you met the love of your life.

The Process

Custom paintings are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Pricing varies depending largely on the process, i.e. whether travel is involved, how much preparation and sketching will need to be done in advance of the painting, etc.

In general, the process is as follows:

I meet with you (preferably in person but phone / Skype is fine too) to talk about your concept and what you are looking for. Colors, feelings, textures are all part of the conversation, as is a thorough history of why you feel connected to the subject.

You send photographs and visual details of the subject, along with color samples and any other helpful visual pieces of information. If I can visit the location that is always best, but looking at photographs and talking together is fine too. The important part is for me to gather the emotional information I need, which largely will emerge from our conversations.

Once I feel that I understand what we’re going for, I will then create a series of pencil sketches, and will mock up digital renderings to show sketches to scale in the location where it will hang, so you can visualize what the painting would look like. We will review discuss these together, continuing with ideas until we have reached a composition we are both excited about. Once you give the ok and we have agreed on size, color palette and composition, painting will commence.

The commissioned painting process from start to finish typically takes from 6 to 12 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the intricacies and if travel is involved. Pricing is negotiated individually, and is estimated based on how intricate the process will be and the time it will take to produce the concept.

Once a price is agreed upon, I ask for 50% non-refundable deposit and the remainder upon delivery. You keep all the sketches and ideas we worked on along the way.

I welcome your inquiries and questions, please contact me at and we can discuss your ideas! Whether you want a commissioned work now or in ten years from now, it’s always a pleasure to hear about the places you would like to see as a painting.


For a list of available work, pricing and commission inquiries please contact