Joopsy Animation

I posted a while back a few images from a sketch series I did for a short animation, where I used my daughter Joopsy as my model. I believe at the time I did those drawings she was four years old (she’s seven now).

Well, while cleaning out my laptop files I just ran across a random movie clip of the animation I assembled – I just love it, it’s so personal. She’s grown so much since then, it feels like I unintentionally captured something very special in this little project.

When I sketch somebody it’s like touching them, I notice every little detail and wrinkle, curve and join. That’s probably why I don’t paint or draw people very often – it feels almost invasive, it’s uncomfortable to me to get that close to somebody. Animating a person’s motion takes it to another level entirely, observing the way their limbs swing and the rhythm of their body is intensely personal. Experiencing this with my little girl was a lot of fun however, it was simply lovely getting to know her so well – especially with the keen awareness every parent shares regarding how quickly our children change and grow, that they are morphing into entirely different people with every passing month. We miss them even as we hug them.

I feel very close to my daughter when I look at this little short, it makes me happy.