My General Store

Just had this random idea for a decade-or-lifetime-long art project

Here’s what it rolled out like in my mind:

Open a store, virtual or otherwise. Doesn’t matter so long as it exists. Call it “My General Store.

Stock it entirely with items that I use in the context of my daily life. That’s what the store consists of – only the things I actually buy and use myself. It represents everything I own in my life that is non-living, tangible and separate from my body, offered for consumption by others.

Excepting food I suppose, for practical reasons. Only non-perishable items. And I can’t become a hoarder or start consuming more things because of this store, I can’t get something because I want it for the store, that’s backwards – the store and the customers must exist as an afterthought always – this is an exercise in acknowledging the STUFFING of my life by presenting it under glass, in a display case.

Instead of buying one item at a time, I wholesale purchase and stock the store with multiple.

Plastic spoons. Socks. Tampons. Tums. Certain books, but only the ones that I actually keep on my shelf. Art supplies. Tea. Boots. Magnets. Hair ties. Paper. Printer ink. Seltzer. Wicker baskets. Area rugs. Curtain rods. Christmas lights. Batteries. Hand lotion. Taxidermy. Dog collars. Hinges. Zip ties. Table saws. Blow dryers. Socket wrenches. Ointment. Toothpaste. Flashlights. Nail clippers. Jumper cables. Laundry detergent. Fenceposts. Fingerless gloves. Lip balm. Shampoo. Size 27 jeans.

But only one brand of each thing – the brand that I like to use. Only the sizes I wear, the flavors I like.

If I need something, I purchase a wholesale case of that item. If I make something for myself, I make extras to sell.

My store supports my every need by selling my needs to others.

Maybe I’m just tired but there was something about that idea that got me excited.

It’s like, the sum of the many different people who purchase the items I sell, put all together, would somehow form a mirror.

Anyway. I’m not actually going to open that store. Good night!